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Your Business Depends On Your Data; Safeguard It. Ensure Corporate Workload Protection And Business Continuity.

Your business depends on your data; safeguard it. Ensure corporate workload protection and business continuity.

Get scalable Cloud Backup services that are quick, easy, and affordable with a solution that is regionally available. Our backup-as-a-service is simple to use, application-aware, and automatic, and it requires no upfront financial investment. It features self-service capabilities and support for a number of operating systems. This enables you to backup your workload regardless of whether your server is on-premises, in a managed hosting environment, in our cloud, or on the cloud of a rival.

Cloud Backup includes the following features:
  • The capacity to back up your servers and transfer data across servers anywhere
  • Pricing depending on consumption, either per server, per gigabyte, or on a daily rating.
  • Planning for cloud capacity for backup so you don’t have to Use backups when available at all times.
  • With full high availability, 99.999 percent of the time redundant arrangement.
  • For quicker backup, less data storage, and better cost savings, use client-side de-duplication.
  • For constant data security and compliance, use encryption both in transit and at rest.
  • Backup that is integrated and automated and has an addressable API
  • Self-service provisioning and sign-up provide for a quicker time to value and eliminate service wait times.

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