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Magnizon offers a way to produce your own electricity so you can run your home on it. Our approach is unusual and unique because it provides energy independence for 25–30 years with virtually no maintenance and operating costs. Residential PV power plants typically have capacities between 1 and 10kW and are connected to the 1-Ph, 220/230/240Vac, 50/60Hz public grid. The capacity of these plants is typically determined by the electricity consumption, size of the space available for mounting solar panels, and user requirements. Applications for 3-Ph Solar systems are also available for larger homes, villas, and bungalows.

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COMMERCIAL  PV SOLUTIONS Magnizon offers customers intelligent PV solutions to make most of the resources on their roofs. Commercial centres, factories, warehouses, airports, schools and educational institutions, railroad stations, sizable shopping malls, industrial campuses, parking structures, and other structures and locations with concentrated electricity usage can all have Solar PV systems built on them. Because the cost of commercial electricity is typically high, Magnizon PV power stations can be valuable with enticing ROI. Our technology is unique and unusual because it provides 25–30 years of energy independence with virtually no maintenance costs. The capacity of PV power plants is typically determined based on electricity consumption, the amount of the area available for hanging solar panels, and customer requirements, these kinds of power plants typically only discharge the excess electricity into the national 3-Ph, 380/400/415V, 50/60Hz grid. Power station capacity and distribution conditions are typically taken into account while choosing the capacity and kind of inverter.


Magnizon offers extremely integrated systems for centralised large-scale solar power plants. This PV system’s installation capacity is typically greater than 1 MW, and it is linked to the MV/HV utility grid via a step-up transformer. A complex MV/HV substation architecture, switchgear, power transformer, CT, PT, control switch gear, sub-station distribution BUS, plant and control station protection systems play major roles and require high end expertise to handle the design, engineering, procurement, supply installation, testing, and commissioning of the entire system. These components are in addition to the solar power plant. For all of your Utility grade Solar PV power plants, Magnizon offers a single point of contact.

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Off-Grid energy storage systems combine inverters, storage battery groups, and other energy storage elements to implement an uninterruptible power supply system for residential loads that incorporates renewable energy and implements load shifting to improve power quality and bring about economic benefits while lowering the electricity bill. During the day, the battery can be charged and the load can be supplied by PV energy. Additionally, the battery’s energy can be discharged to power the load at night.

We provide these Solar Products:

PV modules with 6" Mono-crystalline Silicon Solar Cells
PV Modules With 5" Mono-Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells

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